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Productivity and work-life balance

  • Improved productivity for you and your team.
  • Be more organized, optimize and automate work and life.

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Real Calendar Boards

We have a special type of boards called Calendar Boards where columns represents days in week/month.


Collaborate with teammates

Invite & share, mention your coworkers, assign tasks, get notifications, and much more.


Beat procrastination

No distraction Today view on Calendar boards will help you focus on today's tasks and achieve the goals you planned for today.


Save time with Automations

Automate your work and life using our powerful triggers system so you can focus on what matters.


Time tracking

Track the time you spend on your tasks every day. We have Pomodoro Technique timer and a regular stopwatch timer.


Improve work-life balance

Motivate yourself with the beautiful visualization work you have done this week.

Reduce bottlenecks, find out how good your work-life balance is this week.



George Harris

Vice President of Operations

Much better than Trello.

Now I can track my progress on daily and weekly basis using reports in HyperDone.

Ognjen Glisic

Serial Entrepreneur

My new favorite productivity tool.

Pomodoro timer and today views are awesome.

Nicole Clark

Software Developer

I use HyperDone every day to manage my tasks.

Finally, I have a tool where I can visualize my work-life balance and track progress on my goals.

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HyperDone gives you exactly what you need to be more productive and have better team work. Organize, optimize and motivate yourself and your team.

Powerful features



Plan your tasks inside Kanban boards.

Calendar boards

Special type of boards where columns represents days in week/month.


Create tasks inside columns on Kanban board.

Today view

No distraction Today view will help you focus on today tasks.


Board groups

Group similar boards into board groups.


Invite people to join your boards and collaborate with you.

Comments and mentions

Communicate with your board members using comments and mention them to immediately receive a notification.

Share links

Share links to tasks or documents with others.


Set up your board members permissions


Assign tasks to one or multiple board members.

Activity log

Track changes that happen on the board using activity log.


Email and app notifications will notify your board members when there’s an something important.

2FA Upcoming

Protection from unauthorized access with two-factor authentication.

Productivity and work-life balance

Pomodoro and stopwatch timer

Use Pomodoro or stopwatch timer to easily track time spent on some task.


Using our powerful trigger system easily automate your daily workflow. Schedule commands that run every day, week, month or year.

Recurring tasks

Create recurring tasks easily using our trigger system.


Remind yourself on job needs to be done using due date reminders or trigger system.


Visualize progress on your goals / tasks or track your work-life balance and productivity.

Keyboard shorcuts

Use your keyboard to navigate through boards or tasks.

Today view

No distraction Today view will help you focus on today tasks.



Find tasks easily on any board using search functionality.


Filter tasks on board based on tags or assigned to.


Sum of estimated time for each column.


Choose color of columns or tags to customize board look and feel.



Name your tasks to easily find them latter.


Write longer task descriptions using markdown syntax.


Categorize and group your tasks easily using tags.

Time estimate

Estimate how much time you will need for each task.

Time spent

Enter actual time spent on some tasks. Optionally use stopwatch to measure this time.

Due date

When the task is due.


Upload files or images to tasks.


Add subtasks to task in form of checklist and check them as finished when done.

Assigned to

Assign task to one or multiple users.


Use comments to communicate with other board members.


Add links to important documents, websites or tasks.

Mark as done

When you finish tasks mark them as done.

Mobile apps


Use HyperDone on the go with our mobile app for iPhone.


Use HyperDone on the go with our mobile app for Android.

Mobile share

Share links or text directly from mobile phone to HyperDone using mobile share.


Export boards and reports

Export board to JSON and export reports to PDF, Excel, Word etc.

Import from Trello

Import boards directly from Trello.


Connect HyperDone with other apps via Zapier.

Public API

HyperDone Public API to programmaticaly connect with our backend.

Google Drive Upcoming

Pick files from Google Drive directly.

Dropbox Upcoming

Pick files from Dropbox directly.