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Boost your productivity. 5x.

Powerful Kanban boards for productivity hackers and entrepreneurs.

  • Primarily focused on you.
  • We got teamwork covered as well.
  • Be more organized, optimize and automate work and life.

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Real Calendar Boards

We have special type of boards called Calendar Boards where columns represents days in week/month.

This way you can plan your week more natural way with ability to mark taks as done.

All unfinished tasks from previous day will automatically be tranfered to next day using our automation.


Automate with triggers

Automate your work and life using our powerfull triggers system.

You want to create task each monday, in the beggining of every month or simply just want to remind yourself for someones birthday we got you covered.


Time tracking

Track time you spend on your tasks every day. We have Pomodoro Technique timer and regular stopwatch timer.

You can always log your time manually.


Powerfull Reporting

With our reporting you will see everyting right on time.

Reduce bottlenecks, find out how good your work-life balance is this week.

Motivate yourself with beautiful visualisation work you done each week.



Pick client for each task and generate beautiful invoices for week, month for that client directly from HyperDone.

Invoices will be generated from spend or estimated time field on tasks.


Become one of our first exclusive beta users